Work together with   ease

Instant commenting & screen capture for fast visual feedback on live webpages, pdfs and more⚡️


Free forever, no credit card required.

Visual feedback w/ a link⚡️—no logins or meetings required

Avoid long explanations, countless screenshots and meetings. Share visual feedback asynchronously directly on top of any webpage, screenshot or file via a single link—no sign ups or meetings required.

Annotate & screen capture in one step ✅

Annotate screenshots without opening multiple apps and photo editors.  Share a cropped or full scrolling webpage screen capture with annotations and comments in one click.

Collaborate on documents in-context—on PDFs, images & more🗂  

No more inefficient and long conversation threads and emails. Collect & share visual feedback on top of any PDF or document—all auto-organized in one place.

🎥 Record your screen or voice when text doesn’t cut it

When text and typing is too slow or limiting—add a transcribed voice note instead. You can also record your screen and voice for more in-depth explanations (coming soon).

Get product, marketing, engineering & others all on the same page (literally)—without scheduling a meeting🙌