Show exactly what you mean—quickly & clearly.

Website / app QA

Save time capturing and organizing countless screenshots across different tools. Capture a full page screenshot of your website—then pinpoint, discuss and resolve issues with in-context comments, replies and annotations. Add new pages by uploading additional documents and images —and have all your visual feedback and discussions together in one place.

In-progress development
& prototype feedback

After static designs leave Figma, use Instacap to discuss ideas and resolve issues on top of quick prototypes and in-progress web/app development.

PDF / presentation documents

No more emailing back and forth lengthy feedback and messy discussions on important documents. Upload multi-page pdf files, images and more—to quickly get all your stakeholders aligned. Collect and share in-context visual feedback directly on pages of internal presentations, client materials, marketing documents, business strategy proposals and more.

Marketing & creative feedback

Reduce meetings and typing back and forth on chat to get approval and feedback on marketing and creative materials. Proof mockups, discuss and resolve issues by continuously uploading new versions on top of existing screen captures and images via your web dashboard.

Numbered instructions & how-to guides

No need to deal with recording multiple takes for a screen recording to explain how to do something. Just capture and add comments that are auto-numbered with your instructions—from technical instructions to quick how-to’s for customers or teammates.