Better Teamwork

Login-free Chrome Extension
Unlimited Projects & Captures (After Sign-In)
Unlimited Comments And Annotations
Full Page Captures
Comment & Reply On Any Capture Link
Ability to upload PDF’s, images and other files
Reply by email
Unlimited Guests
90 days Storage
Email Support
Audio/Video Comments
Everything in Free Plan plus:
Private Projects & Captures
Indefinite days of Storage
Priority Email Support
Coming soon
Slack Integration
Jira Integration
Team Management & Billing
File attachments

Frequently Asked Questions

How many captures can I share with the Free plan?

The Chrome extension allows you to capture without any limits. That means an unlimited amount of Captures after signing in on the Free plan. Without signing in, you can share up to three capture links.

Can I annotate and comment on files and documents like PDFs?

Yes! Just go to the Instacap dashboard and press the 'add' button—to upload pdfs and images. Then you can comment right on top of each file. You don't need the Chrome extension to use this feature.

Do I need to install the Chrome extension to use Instacap?

No. You can upload or paste images, screenshots and PDFs using the Instacap web dashboard but if you want to draw on the screen you will need the free extension.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for screen capturing?

Click the Instacap icon to start annotating (Cmd or Ctrl+Shift+1). Use tools for Move (V), Text (T), Draw (D), Arrow (A), Circle (C) & Blur (B). Press Tab to go to next tool. Copy image (Shift+Enter) or copy link to the image (Enter)

How secure is my data?

Instacap is designed and implemented with modern security practices in mind. We take security and protecting your privacy very seriously. Instacap is built on Google Cloud Services and takes advantage of Google Cloud's existing security posture. A variety of security controls, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, is deployed to protect Instacap's systems and associated data. That said, because we offer the ability to use Instcap without signing-in, we recommend you sign-in to best protect your data.

Is Instacap really a free annotation tool?

Yes! As of now, we don’t even offer any paid services. All the features are unlocked and free to use!

Do clients need to have an account to view my Captures?

Nope! Once your Capture is ready to share, click share, and enter their email, or send them your unique Capture link. That’s it! No registration is needed by them.

What integrations are available?

We are have a full slate of new integrations on our roadmap, contact us via the live chat here and let us know your favorite ones. We’ll bump them higher up on our list!

What websites does Instacap work on?

Pretty much all of them. If you ever have an issue with a site not Capturing properly, just let us know and we’ll fix it for you!

How do I upgrade my Instacap account?

Right now, you don’t! All the features are unlocked, and unlimited until further notice.

Is there a public roadmap available?

There sure is, check it out here Roadmap and the changelog is here: ChangeLog