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3 keyboard commands to take a screenshot on Mac

October 28, 2021
Junu Yang
5 minute read

Here is a cheat sheet w/ 3 easy to remember tips to take a screenshot on Mac via the native MacOS snipping tool.

1. Screenshot part of screen [Cmd+Shift+3] or application window [Spacebar]

Use Command+Shift+3 to take a screenshot by drawing a bounding box of the area of screen you want to capture. Press Spacebar to toggle between capturing the nearest application window or back to drawing a bounding box for the screenshot. When finished, the screenshot image file then be saved to your desktop.

2. Copy screenshot to clipboard [Cmd+Shift+Ctrl+4]

Sometimes you don't want to clutter your Mac with another screenshot image file on your desktop and want to quickly snip or capture a screenshot to paste into another program like Slack, Notion, Google Docs or into an email. Use Command+Shift+Control+4 to copy the screenshot image to your clipboard and Command+V to paste it into another application or text input. You can also press Spacebar after to toggle between capture an application window or boudning box.

3. Fullscreen screenshot  [Cmd+Shift+3]

This one is easy. Command+Shift+3 to capture a screenshot of the entire screen of your Mac and save the image file to desktop.

We hope remembering these 3 easy ways to capture screenshots on your Mac will save you a lot of time and be more productive in communicating visually 👍

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