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How to easily annotate PDFs online

February 8, 2022
Junu Yang
5 minute read

PDF markup and annotation isn't thatdifficult in and of itself. You can annotate and highlight PDF's using built inapplications like Preview on Mac or Adobe reader or Acrobat on Windows. Thereare also countless third party apps like Drawboard PDF and others that let youmarkup and annotate PDF's.

For most cases, however, the purposeof annotating and highlighting PDF's is to share it with others and collaboratetogether.

To do that you need a way to share the PDF easily via anonline link and make in-context comments directly on different parts of thePDF. Additionally, you want to make sure other people you are sharing your annotatedpdf to DO NOT need to install a new app.

In this post, we'll show you a supersimple way to annotate and markup PDFs online—without installing any new pdfannotation tool or app for you or the person you are sharing to.

You can do this via  Instacap'sonline pdf annotation feature.

1.Go to the Instacapweb app & sign-in

2.Upload your PDF document for annotation

3.Clickon any area of any page to annotate and add notes to the PDF

4.Copythe link to the pdf with annotations and share it. Anyone with a web browsercan view it and they can also reply to any of your notes.

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