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How to easily blur information on a screenshot or image

October 11, 2021
Junu Yang
5 minute read

Sometimes you want to block, censor or hide sensitive information when sharing a screenshot or image from your Mac or Windows computer.

Maybe the information is personal data from a logged in view of a website (like on gmail, facebook, google docs..etc) or it could be that you want to focus the screenshot to a particular area to make your point clear.

The bad news is that the default Snipping tool on Windows and the annotation tools on Mac's Preview DO NOT provide a blur feature for screenshots(at least not yet as of this article's writing).

In this article, we'll show you a super simple way to blur out any part of a screenshot for Mac or Windows via a Chrome extension called Instacap.

1. Add Instacap for Chrome:

2. Click on the extension icon, then select the blur tool:

3. Click anywhere on a webpage to add a blur object. Then resize and reposition it:

4. Lastly, click to save the screenshot as an image or copy it to your clipboard:

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